We tell stories...

• Our work is content-driven. Content engages people; it amuses, intrigues and touches. We work with you to discover your stories and to transform them into media for physical exhibits, the web and mobile devices.
• Our programs are delivered by state-of-the-art technology --- not for its own sake, but in the service of telling your story.
• We are team players. We coordinate with architects, exhibit designers, fabricators, installers and other exhibit professionals so that our work integrates seamlessly into your exhibit or website.
• If you need full-service, we do that too. Our services include concept and content development, scripting, media and multimedia design, video and audio production, post-production and programming, hardware system design, integration, and installation.

...we're pros...

• We've built our studio around producing AV programs. We have the skill, experience and tools to create a vast range of media and multimedia-based products in-house.
• Planning is everything – our detailed work plans ensure that your project stays on task, on time and on budget. We have the experience to anticipate challenges and propose timely solutions.
• Trust counts: our creative team consists of talented people we've worked with for years. We also value innovation and new vision, so we bring in and develop bright new talent.
• You'll always work with a principal of RBH. We stay personally involved throughout your project.

...and we deliver.

• Exhibit media is our specialty. We can tell your story through HD video on single screens, multi-screens or the web; through film, computer interactives and audio environments. The story informs how it is told.
• Thirty years of experience producing media for public spaces insures AV exhibits that are visitor-friendly, robust and reliable – and that meet all ADA requirements.

Company History:

Originally known as Rusty Russell Projections, RBH has produced audio-visual programs and experiences for over thirty years. Founder Rusty Russell pioneered the field of immersive media with acclaimed attractions such as "The New York Experience" and "Where's Boston?" - the benchmark audio-visual portrait of an American city. "The Louisiana Journey," a water ride through Louisiana culture, "The Battle of Chickamauga," and other immersive media theater programs followed. In 1999, RBH designed and directed the "Singapore Story," a ride through seven immersive media theaters sponsored by the National Heritage Board of Singapore.

These large-scale attractions paved the way for RBH to be one of the first av production companies to specialize in exhibit media for museums and visitor centers. As media needs for exhibits evolve, so does our vision and expertise: recent work includes developing media exhibits that incorporate visitor-generated content and feedback, virtual tours, web-only exhibits and apps to enhance the mobile experience.