K-25 History Center,
American Museum of Science and Energy,
Oak Ridge, TN

The incredible story of K-25, at the time the largest building in the world, and the Manhattan Project is eloquently told at the K-25 History Center in Oak Ridge, TN.
RBH produced touchscreen kiosks where visitors can dig deep into the stories that make up the site's past. We also created detailed animations explaning how the enrichment process at K-25 worked, interactives that give visitors a glimpse into the operations of the plant, timeline videos laying out the plant's place in cold-war history and a multi-screen Orientation Experience that places visitors into an Army briefing room on their first day on the job at K-25 near the end of WWII.


Hilferty & Associates
Formations, Inc.
UCOR, United States Department of Energy

Project elements

  • Consulting
  • Video
  • Interactive
  • Environments