Sanford Lab Homestake
Visitor Center, SD

Homestake was the most productive gold mine in the northern hemisphere until it closed in the 1980’s. Now scientists come from around the world to work a mile underground, studying subatomic “dark matter.” Exhibits in the Visitor Center tell both amazing stories. RBH created four, 55” touchscreen displays that enable visitors to see how gold was mined here, to view video clips of the research facility in operation, and to learn what scientists are currently discovering about dark matter.
Central to the exhibit is an actual elevator cage that transported mine workers more than a mile into the earth. RBH created a virtual ride to the surface with and overhead video screen and the contrasting comments of mine workers and atomic research scientists.


C&G Partners, LLC
Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center.

Project elements

  • Environments
  • Video, Interactive