US Army Heritage and Education Center, PA

Welcome Object Theater
RBH produced five media components for the "Soldier's Story" exhibit at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA. In the "Welcome Object Theater," soldiers from the Spanish American War, the Korean War, and the Iraq War recount catalyzing events of their service. Life-size figures of the soldiers are installed in contextual scenes; elements are lit to illustrate the stories. A curved projection scrim obscures the scenes when unlit and serves as a projection surface for archival photos and video. Exhibit design by Formations,Inc.
RBH’s twelve-minute orientation film pays tribute to the US Army Experience.
RBH also created an immersive “bunker” experience which surrounds visitors with the sights and sounds of battle, as they are overrun by Red Chinese combatants during the Korean War.


US Army Heritage and Education Center, Formations, Inc.

Project elements

  • Environments
  • Video, Interactive