RBH Multimedia, Inc. produces media-based exhibits & experiences for museums, historic sites, visitor centers, and corporations. Our exhibition work gets to the heart of why science, history, art, and culture matter. Our corporate work showcases corporate identities, innovations, and products.

Interactive Media
Our touchscreen and media interactives are elegant and informative. Navigation is intuitive. Features like zoomify, storytelling capture, interactive maps, and animations keep users engaged and entertained.

Media Environments
From a 40,000 square-foot multimedia ride through history to Pepper’s Ghost effect in miniature, media rich environments are one of our core strengths and have been our specialty for decades.

Our video programs have tackled complex issues of race, culture, labor relations, scientific discovery, and politics. From artists’ processes to the nature of nutrinos, we find the language and visual style to uniquely tell each story.

We will work with you on media master plan development, AV hardware system design, and project management.

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